National ‘fire-break’ lockdown for Wales to save Welsh NHS

North Wales along with the rest of the country will enter into a ‘fire-break’ lockdown from Friday.

In a much anticipated move, First Minister Mark Drakeford confirmed that the two week lockdown will come into force from Friday at 6pm and as a result, the strictest of rules will apply in an effort to contain increasing cases of the virus.

There is growing concern that the NHS in Wales may not be able to cope should the virus continue it’s longer term momentum.

In response, everyone will be asked to stay at home with only essential key-workers allowed to work from other locations.

Non essential retail businesses will close and owners of bars and restaurants will be forced to shut their doors until Monday 9th November.

The First Minister confirmed that the lockdown period is fixed and would not be extended further.

Schools will be shut over the half term holiday with pupils in years 7 and 8 returning to studies in the classroom during the second week of the lockdown. All other pupils will be asked to study from home under the instruction of teaching staff.

Indoor and outdoor gatherings will be prohibited with only those from a single, existing household permitted to mix.

As a result Halloween and Firework gatherings with friends and other people outside the household unit will banned and against the law.



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