Determined to tackle domestic abuse

North Wales Police continues to make progress in the way it deals with domestic abuse cases as prosecutions rise and the number of repeat offenders falls.

An internal performance report on this priority area shows that significant improvements continue to be made.

In the year to date 81% of domestic abuse cases taken to court have resulted in successful prosecutions, the number of repeat offenders has fallen by nearly 7%, while the overall trend in the number of repeat victims is downwards.

Meanwhile there have been quarterly improvements in safeguarding arrangements for victims as well as the speed with which the force processes cases.

Det Supt Gareth Evans said; “North Wales Police has a strong focus on addressing vulnerability through the Police and Crime Plan set by the Police and Crime Commissioner. Part of this focus has included improving our recognition of domestic abuse through a more in depth analysis of the threat, harm and risk by call takers in our control room.

“We’re getting better at identifying where domestic abuse is happening and putting in place measures to keep people safe. This includes all high risk cases being investigated by a specialist detective, greater use of tactics such as Domestic Violence Protection Notices and working in partnership with statutory and third sector partners to provide a complete package of care for survivors.

“We aim to widen our approach by further development of robust perpetrator intervention programmes to tackle the root cause of offending.

“We know the hardest part is often telling someone, but if you tell us, you will be treated with compassion and dignity. You will be supported and your complaint thoroughly investigated. We are committed to giving you the support and assistance to live your life free of fear.

“As we work through our plan, it will be clear to potential abusers in North Wales that domestic abuse will not be tolerated making them less likely to offend or reoffend.”

“You can contact us on 101 in non-emergency situations. If you or your children are in immediate danger, dial 999. Your safety is always our priority.”



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